Bound (NSFW)


Documentary 62min - 2021

Official Selection: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2021

Official Selection: Camera Japan Festival 2021

Official Selection: Gender Bender Film Festival 2022


Japanese bondage is still commonly associated with the image of a man tying a woman, but recently, women are at both ends of the rope. In shibari, as it is called in Japanese, ropes are only a tool. A tool that women use to create art, to heal, to communicate. A tool to express themselves. This fascinating documentary delves into the history of the art form and the motivations of the participants.

Director: Jean-Armand Bougrelle

Producer: Alexandre Bartholo

Cinematographer: Alexandre Bartholo

Editors: Tomoko Hirasawa, Umika Kainuma

Music: Almeeva

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